Cheboygan Co. Drug Testing Facility Owner Accused of Helping Friend Pass Drug Test

“There was at least one fraudulent sample sent to the lab.”

The owner of a Cheboygan County drug testing facility was charged with obstruction of justice.

Kerry Morrish was arrested earlier this month after a lengthy investigation.

Police say she knowingly submitted a fraudulent drug test to the district court.

The sheriff’s office say that Morrish was helping her friend pass a drug test, which was a requirement of her probation.

“We received word that Ms. Morrish was possibly sending in fraudulent samples and so our department did conduct an investigation,” Cheboygan County undersheriff Tim Cook said.

Court documents say Morrish became friends with a probationer whom she was testing frequently.

When the probationer said she was going to “drop dirty,” detectives say Morrish left her “presents,” referring to extra containers for her to pick up and return with clean urine.

“An individual had supplied a test sample, that wasn’t that individuals test sample,” Cook said.

Police asked that probationer to have Morrish leave extra cups in this mailbox outside her Cheboygan testing facility.

Later that night when police opened that mailbox they found those cups, and put a control sample in them.

According to the affidavit, that sample was processed the next day in the 89th district court under the probationer’s name.

“When we have a company that would allow someone to submit a sample that is not their own, we compromise the court system and the drug court system by not being able to monitor properly,” Cook said.

With drug use continuing to increase in the area, many in the community are concerned

“With the opioid crisis that we have going in Northern Michigan, all over the United States, this does not benefit that person who needs the help to try to get over their disease,” Cook said.

“People that work in the court system isn’t supposed to go against the courts, they are supposed to keep the community clean. If there was more people enforcing the rules and making people do their time instead of trying to help or tell on someone else, then wouldn’t be as much drug related stuff in this town, I don’t think,” Cheboygan County resident Tracy Brcic said.

Morrish pleaded not guilty and posted bond.

If she’s convicted she could face up to 5 years in prison.