WalletHub Names Traverse City as Best Lakeside Beach Town to Live In

Traverse City has taken the cake as the Best Lakeside Beach Town to Live In, according to a new WalletHub survey.

The survey looked at 44 lakeside beach towns across the U.S. ranking them based on things like affordability, safety, and overall quality of life.

Two other Michigan cities also placed within the top 10, including Holland and Alpena.

Taking a closer look at Traverse City’s individual rankings, WalletHub placed it in 11th place for its affordability, 13th place for weather, 10th for safety, 6th for economy, 26th for education and health, and first place for quality of life.

In addition, Traverse City ranked in first place for the highest percentage of for sale waterfront homes.

It also tied for first place with Branson, Missouri for most nightlife establishments per capita and most restaurants per capita.

It tied for first place with Redmond, Washington for the most coffee shops per capita.

For a closer look at this study and to see how other Michigan cities held up in the ranking, click here.

Source: WalletHub