Mason County Sheriff’s Department Working to Increase Patrols With Millage

The Mason County Sheriff’s Department needs your help to get more deputies on the road.

They’re hoping to pass a millage which would allow them to hire four more deputies to patrol the roads.

Currently the department can only have up to three road patrol deputies at a time, and most of the time only two road patrol deputies are on the road during a given shift.

The department tells us the millage would ensure there are at least three road patrol deputies at all times.

The sheriff’s department goes further, arguing the millage is critical to keep a large area such as Mason County safe.

“I think it’s very important that when someone calls 911, a sheriff’s deputy shows up at their door. You know seconds are minutes, minutes is time and time is very important in our job in our line of work. The faster that our guys can get there the faster they can resolve the problem,” Mason County undersheriff Derrek Wilson said.

The millage will be on the primary ballot this August