Marion Schools Fills Interim Superintendent Position

The Marion School Board met Wednesday morning to discuss who will fill the role of interim superintendent.

They decided by the end of the meeting former Marion superintendent and principal Greg Mikulich should fill the role.

It’s a position left open by former superintendent Mort Meier who stepped down last week amid double dipping accusations.

He and secretary Diana Salisbury are accused by the state of collecting their pension and salary.

The state says they must pay back more than $145,000 something they are both appealing.

Salisbury remains employed by the district.

Greg Mikulich served as Marion superintendent and elementary principal from 2010-2013 and is now coming back on an interim basis.

“I’m here primarily to take care of the day to day business of the school district. I’m not here to introduce any new polices take care of any old issues, I’m simply here to maintain and take care of the day to day operations,” said Mikulich.

The board voted to hire Mikulich after he said the board must acknowledge they are hiring a retired person who will be collecting a pension and that the board endorses it.

“I want everyone to acknowledge right at the top the conditions on which I’m being hired, and the fact that I am retired, the fact that I will be receiving compensation, I want that out front, the best surprise is no surprise,” said Mikulich.

Both Mikulich and the school board say they’re hopeful this is the start of a fresh chapter for the school after several challenging months.

“Those issues are going to have to be resolved without my input,” said Mikulich.

“We’re grateful he’s stepped up to fulfill that role again he’s very familiar with the district very familiar with our staff, our students, our parents, our community,” said board president Monica Cox.

The board says they hope to have a part-time superintendent and full time elementary principal hired by the start of the new school year.