Marion School Board Hires Interim Superintendent

The Marion School Board has hired an interim superintendent after former superintendent Mort Meier stepped down last week.

Meier is accused of double dipping, meaning he was collecting a pension and salary and at the same time.

Secretary Diana Salisbury is also accused of double dipping.

The board unanimously voted to hire former superintendent Greg Mikulich for the next two months.

He was an administrator at the school from 2010 to 2013.

Mikulich also asked that the board acknowledge that they are hiring a retired person who will be collecting a pension and submit the information to the Office of Retirement Services.

The board will have to make sure Mikulich is under the threshold of pay that will make this legal, something that Meier is accused of not complying with.

The board will now post internally for an elementary principal position and continue the search for a superintendent.