Little Traverse Bay Humane Society Starts Program to Encourage Summer Reading

Kids in Emmet County are getting the chance to read to a unique audience this summer!

That audience is a bunch of dogs and cats!

The Little Traverse Bay Humane Society is starting a new program and bringing shelter animals and kids together.

The humane society in Harbor Springs calls it “Shelter Buddies.”

They’re making sure local kids have some dog-gone fun while reading to the animals.

“Kids can come to the shelter and can read to a shelter dog or cat,” Jessica Evans, Communication and Marketing Coordinator at Little Traverse Bay Humane Society.

Letting the animals roam around while kids like Caiden and Griffen Phillips spruce up on their reading skills and enjoy the obvious benefits.

“I love watching the animals play around while me and my little brother read,” Caiden Phillips, a fifth grader.

Doing it for them and the animals searching for their forever homes.

“When we read the animals won’t be bored and they like to hear people read,” Griffen Phillips, a first grader.

 While the students gain confidence reading to a non-judgmental crowd, the shelter started this program with two main goals in mind.

“We think it’s very important to involve children in the shelter and we know kids learn at a young age to be kind and empathetic to animals,” says Evans. “We really just wanted to try to involve children here at the shelter more and we thought this was a great way to do that.”

Carrigan Warner has signed up for weekly Shelter Buddy days and shares a snuggle in between books every time.

“I like being with all of the animals, animals are my favorite thing,” Carrigan Warner, a fifth grader.

“I would recommend parents bring their children to this program because it’s something great to do in the summer months and it helps them maintain those reading skills that are so important to do when they’re not in school,” says Evans.

Shelter Buddies happens every Friday this summer and the program is free.

If you have a little one who may be interested you can call Little Traverse Bay Humane Society for a time at (231) 347-2396.


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