Ellsworth Mother, Michigan-Born Children Plan Move to Mexico Following Husband’s Deportation

Immigration issues are also causing families in Northern Michigan to be separated, nearly 2,000 miles apart.

“Ellsworth is the perfect location to live and raise a family, such a nice little city,” Gaby, said.

Nearly 20 years ago, Gaby Ramos Lorely Lara’s parents brought her to Antrim County to escape the danger in Matamoros, Mexico, a place known as ground zero for the cartel-driven drug war.

“It’s just not very safe. I was 9 at the time and they were just trying to provide a better future for us,” Gaby, explained.

It’s here in Northern Michigan where she graduated high school, met her husband, bought a house and raised a family.

But now Gaby and her two children are planning to leave Ellsworth to go back to that very place her parents escaped.

“It’s just been so hard being one parent,” Gaby said.

Her husband, Fernando Lara was detained for nearly seven months and deported to Mexico, last month, for being undocumented.

I have DACA so I’m a dreamer, we tried doing the same thing for him, and was denied. He had a work permit that was expired and he couldn’t renew it any longer,” Gaby explained.

It will be a drastic and scary change for six year-old Ulysses and two year-old Faith who were born in Traverse City and know nothing, but America

“That’s the hardest part because I’m questioning myself and they are also suffering because they don’t have their dad here and I know that it’s important for all of us to be together as a family,” she added.

The family plans on relocating to Matamoros in August.

It’s not what Gaby wants but she says it’s a necessity to keep their family together.

“I wish I could stay and I wish I could bring my husband back but right now it’s not a possibility it’s going to be a year in September since my kids have seen him and I just can’t do it anymore.”