Local Businesses Celebrating National Sunglasses Day

Along with the other crazy holidays we are celebrating today, it’s also National Sunglasses Day.

We’re checking in with the Sunglasses Shop in Traverse City for their take on national holiday.

They sell a variety of brands.

However the brand flying off the shelf the fastest is Maui Jim.

The manager says it’s the highest level cancer absorbing lens in the world.

Along with fashion and style, they aim to help educate their customers about eye health.

For example, the difference between polarized and non-polarized.

The manager describes polarization like a glare cutting window blind at an angle inside the lens.

“When we assist a customer, we talk a lot about eye health, we discuss the lens and how it absorbs cancer from the front of the lens and behind the lens, so when a customer is walking away from the sun, the bad UV rays are absorbed through all angles and not rebounding onto the skin,” said Joel Heady, the manager.

In honor of National Sunglasses Day and their tenth anniversary — the Sunglasses Shop is hosting a party Wednesday.

There is food, deals, drinks, prizes and games until 7 p.m.

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