President Trump Rallies for McMaster in South Carolina Gov. Primaries

It’s one of several primaries on Tuesday across six states.

The election in South Carolina is particularly tense.

Incumbent governor Henry McMaster got the most votes in a primary two weeks ago but failed to get the 50 percent needed to win the Republican nomination against businessman John Warren.

So Tuesday voters will hit the polls again.

McMaster supported President Donald Trump throughout his 2016 presidential campaign.

So the president flew to South Carolina for a rally Monday night.

While praising McMaster, he also focused on illegal immigration, a hot-button campaign issue around the country.

The president is calling for illegal immigrants to be deported without due process.

He says it’s in response to a failure by Congress to pass an immigration bill.

In the meantime, customs and border protection have stopped referring immigrants for criminal prosecution until there is a plan to keep families together.

Right now, two military bases in Texas are being used to house migrant families and unaccompanied children.