Mt. Pleasant Commissioners Offer Support to Escanaba in ‘Dark Store’ Battle

The city of Mount Pleasant is helping a city in the Upper Peninsula in its fight against what’s called the dark store loophole.

The city of Escanaba is preparing to take its case before the Michigan Tax Tribunal over a dispute with Menards.

They say Menards has used the dark store loophole to pay fewer taxes.

The loophole means that big box stores put deed restrictions on old stores and then argue their new stores should be taxed at the same value as old stores.

The city of Mount Pleasant voted last night to send $1,000 to the Michigan Municipal League to help the city of Escanaba in its legal battle.

“If we were in that situation, and we were trying to fight this so we could continue to provide services to the community as a whole, we would hope that other municipalities and other organizations would recognize that this was something we couldn’t take on, on our own,” said Mayor Allison Quast-Lents

The city also passed a resolution supporting the city of Escanaba.