Isabella County Residents Collecting Donations for Upper Peninsula Flood Recovery

A group of people in Mount Pleasant are working to fill a semi-trailer with donations to help with flood recovery in the Upper Peninsula.

It’s been more than a week since flood waters rushed through Houghton County and beyond in the Upper Peninsula, wiping away roads, homes and businesses.

Now a group of people in Mount Pleasant are doing what they can to help out.

They’re collecting everything from fans to work gloves, to boots and laundry detergent.

They say it’s one way to help out people facing the same challenges many of them did last year in Isabella County.

“There have been so many disasters that we know FEMA at times is tapped with resources, and we’re Michigan, we take care of our own, and so the trolls are coming to the U.P. on Thursday,” said volunteer Cindy Burns.

The group will be collecting donations Tuesday and Wednesday in the parking lot of Ric’s Food Center in Mount Pleasant.

They’ll meet up with a semi-trailer of donations from Essexville on Thursday to begin the journey to Houghton.