Cam’s Mailbox: A Unique Kid, A Unique Gift, A Heartwarming Message

“He’s an all-around happy little guy, I couldn’t have asked for a more special grandchild.”

Cameron English just celebrated his seventh birthday and he got everything he could have dreamed of.

It wasn’t a dog, or baseball cards, Cam got a new mailbox and to him and his family that means a whole lot.

“You have to go into his world. Cameron’s world, is Cameron’s world,” Cam’s Grandmother Denise DeMara-Haight, said.

In Cameron’s world, few things are as important as family.

But he, like most little kids, has his obsessions.

“It’s not even the happiness of finding something in the mailbox it’s just knowing it’s there. He can open the door, he can close the door, it’s all on his command,” Denise, explained

A few weeks ago, Denise went to Home Depot in Gaylord to get Cam his very own mailbox.

“Cameron’s mailbox needs to be something we can move, something we can take from room to room, from mommy’s house to grandma’s house,” is what she told the staff there.

The store manager said come back later in the week, and she did.

“He came back with the mailbox. I said ‘alright did you put a price tag on it, so I know when I check out what to tell them?’” Denise, said.

“He looked at me and said, there’s no charge for this mailbox, just tell that little boy happy birthday from Home Depot,” she explained.

It was the perfect gift.

“I started to cry because it was perfect, he loves it, he absolutely loves it,” Denise, said.

Cam has welcomed the mailbox into his world, although he may have some trouble expressing it.

Cam has autism and is completely non-verbal.

It’s sounds, smiles or even claps, that’s how Cam welcomed us.

And his world is one that many, even some family don’t quite understand.

But like those strangers from Home Depot, grandma says it is a world more people should be willing to travel to.

“People expect that that child needs to conform to our way of living and our world. Give them the support and the love and respect and allow them to be themselves, try to go into their world, don’t expect them to go into ours,” Denise, explained.

And Cam would like to get mail from some of you!

If you’re interested in sending him a letter or even some water balloons, send it over to:

Cam in c/o Denise DeMara Haight 9705 N. Sherman Rd. Frederic, Mi 49733