California Firefighter Killed Responding to Fire, Two Others Suffer Gunshot Wounds

A bizarre scene in California left a firefighter dead after suffering gunshot wounds at a California retirement home.

California police say a man who lived at the retirement home set his apartment on fire before shooting two firefighters and another resident of the building.

It started Monday morning at Covenant Manor Retirement Center in Long Beach, California.

Long Beach fire captain Dave Rosa received information of a strong gas odor coming from the building.

He ran inside but was shot and killed on the second floor by Thomas Kim, who was waiting there with a revolver.

A second firefighter was grazed by a bullet and has been released from the hospital.

Another person living in the building was also shot and is still in critical but stable condition.

Kim is charged with murder, two counts of attempted murder and arson.

Detectives say they’re trying to figure out the motive.