Bill to Support Growth of Michigan Wine Industry Moves to State Senate

A bill in the State Senate would support the growth of Michigan’s wine industry.

It would increase the number of gallons per year a winery can produce, and still be able to sell their product at a farmers market.

Currently a winery can qualify for a sales permit if it produces less than 5,000 gallons of wine or hard cider per year.

The new bill would increase it to 15,000 gallons, giving about 50 more wineries the chance to sell at farmers markets.

“It’s a great thing because if we choose to produce more we can continue to be a part of those markets we have been participating in. And it also allows other people to join in and I really think the more the merrier,” says Green Bird Cellars & Farm manager Bridgit Hospodar.

Green Bird Cellars also expects this bill to better the relationship between the community and the wineries.

The bill was introduced by state senator Geoff Hansen from Hart. It’s currently in committee.

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