9&10 Travel Club Members Hang Up Their Coats After Spectacular Icelandic Adventure

The 9&10 Travel Club members are finally back in Michigan after their adventures in Iceland last week.

Michelle Dunaway says she is happy to pack her ski coat away for the rest of the summer—but it was definitely an experience she’ll never forget.

From spelunking in caves to chasing waterfalls, eating shark and drinking Black Death, Michelle says she and the rest of the 9&10 News Travel Club truly got to experience all the “must-see” attractions Iceland has to offer.

Iceland is full of picturesque sights, and while not a tropical getaway, Dunaway says the travel club felt right at home with the climate and temperatures.

“It is a place good for Michiganders because we can handle this weather,” Dunaway says.

Michelle says Iceland is just one beautiful picture after another and is one of the most stunning places she has ever been to.

Watch Michelle Dunaway describe more of the fun behind the pictures in the video above.

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