Emmet County to Enhance Security at County Building

Metal detectors and a new security presence, at one public entrance.

It’s part of a new policy approved in Emmet County.

The Emmet County Board of Commissioners approved security upgrades at the county building and courthouses.

The new policy will require those without clearance to enter the building through only the Lake Street entrance, where metal detectors are located.

The county is also spending around $80,000 to contract out two security officers to monitor that entrance.

Emmet County Administrator John Calabrese says the upgrades are necessary and have been in the works for a while.

“The board of commissioners have been very helpful, they have allocated the money for us to get this done and I think it’s a good project and it will keep everyone safe, safer, including the public when they come in the building. I think it’s a good thing for everyone,” Calabrese, said.

County employees will still be able to enter through other entrances with ID.

The changes will likely be implemented by mid-July.