Clare Co. Wanted Man Arrested For Murder in South Carolina

Police arrested a Northern Michigan fugitive on murder charges in South Carolina.

Erick Young is from Gladwin County.

He’s facing charges including murder, destruction of human remains, and having ecstasy.

Young was wanted in Clare County for violating probation from crimes he committed in 2014 which included larceny, carrying a concealed weapon, and assaulting deputies.

Young was issued a bench warrant in January.

Now, investigators say he strangled a restaurant owner in South Carolina to death.

He is charged alongside Stacy Rose, another Michigan native, accused of accessory to murder.

“He was lodged in South Carolina. We started the extradition process to bring him back here to answer those and during that process we were notified from South Carolina,  he’s now being charged with a homicide down there,” said Clare County Sheriff John Wilson.

Wilson says it is possible that South Carolina could dissolve Young’s probation because of the severity of the homicide charge.