Beacon and Bridge in Fife Lake Urges Customers Affected By Fuel Delivery Issue to Fill Out Report

We now know what caused some drivers in Fife Lake to experience issues with their vehicles after filling up at the Beacon and Bridge gas station.

It’s a story we first told you about Friday.

Customers at the Fife Lake Beacon and Bridge started noticing problems soon after using the gas station’s pumps to fill their cars with regular fuel.

B&B was able to confirm there was an issue, but at the time did not specify what it was.

However, they reached out to us Monday citing a delivery problem.

B&B vice president Scott Nelson says 2,000 gallons of diesel fuel was mixed into a no lead tank with 13,000 gallons of regular fuel.

The issue was not caught before the fuel was delivered, but it has since been resolved.

Nelson is now urging anyone who has experienced issues after filling up at the Fife Lake Beacon and Bridge to fill out an incident report at the location.