Arcadia Township Treasurer A No-Show at Special Meeting

More controversy in Arcadia Township Monday night – at the special board meeting to discuss finances, Treasurer Debbie Eckhout did not show up.

For the past few months, the township has been paying an auditor and lawyer to investigate Eckhout’s handling of finances. The Arcadia Township board was supposed to use the special meeting to discuss financial concerns and  procedures. They also needed Eckhout to sign the checks to pay the investigators.

Eckhout says that she was not properly notified of the meeting. She says that board members are supposed to notify her of meetings at her residence, and says she only received an email requesting her attendance on her work email account. She says she did not get a phone call.

“Well, I was not given special notice,” said Eckhout. “I did not receive notice until late [Monday] evening about this meeting. In the notice itself, it was not clear [that the purpose was] to discuss financial concerns.”

In an email obtained by 9&10 news, an email from Supervisor Janice McCraner was sent to Eckhout on Friday at 3:25 p.m. Eckhout says her office hours end at 2 p.m. when she is working.

“I’m really at a loss as to why she did not make it,” said Wisner.[Meeting notifications] are posted, they are sent out 18 hours in advance. It was posted last Friday night, possibly Saturday.”

Since Eckhout was not at the special meeting to give her signature, the township will incur late fees, says Wisner.

Eckhout estimates that the lawyer and auditor tabs total more than $120,000. The township’s general fund is around $95,000, and she says she wants that money to go towards infrastructure, not investigators.

“That’s not how we should be spending our money,” said Eckhout. “We need to be spending money on our sidewalks and taking care of dead trees in town and road repairs parks are in dire need of.”

Eckhout is pursuing a Freedom of Information lawsuit against the township. Eckhout says the board did not supply her with the documentation she needed to do her job.

The next regular Arcadia Township board meeting is July 12.