Missaukee Co. Officially Opposes Bill Aimed at Changing How Private Property is Assessed

Two bills in Lansing are making a county in Northern Michigan nervous.

They say it could cost them hundreds of thousands of dollars a year.

Missaukee County is officially opposing House Bill 6049, which was introduced in May.

It would change the way private property is assessed.

Right now, it’s left to cities and townships.

If passed, it would make assessing a county responsibility but it comes with no funding to cover the new costs.

Missaukee County says it would have to hire six new staff members and train them, and lease or construct new office space.

The bottom line comes down to financial impact and for Missaukee County. Both House Bills 6049 and 5908 have a significant financial impact that’s negative and that’s why we’re very concerned,” explained Precia Garland, the county administrator.

The county also opposed House Bill 5908, but changes were made to that as it passed the state Senate Tuesday.

The county is now going back over the bill.