Fife Lake Gas Station Customers Facing Car Problems After Filling Up

Many Fife Lake residents are stuck without a working vehicle this weekend.

Beacon & Bridge gas station is under question after an issue at their pumps. Customers say they started noticing car problems soon after filling up their cars on Thursday.

“I went to Cadillac this morning, noticed it was smoking. It’s a newer truck,” said Ricky Hulwick, a Fife Lake resident. “It is 18 miles a gallon and it was down to 12, which was odd.”

Drivers who stopped there told us not long after filling up their cars started acting up.

“When I went to pull out, it start puttering and stuttering,” said Fife Lake resident John Cox. “All the way home it was a lack of power. This morning it was just running terrible.”

Many took their car to the shop for fixes that weren’t cheap. Cox took his car to Williams Chevrolet so that they could take a look.

“They just said it’s caused because of diesel in the gasoline,” said Cox. “The car dealer told me it’s going to cost $1200 to fix the fuel pump, fuel filters, sensors and flush everything out.”

Mechanics at Bill Marsh Auto Group tell us cars they saw had diesel gas in the tanks, when customers were filling up with regular gas pump.

Fife Lake resident Jenny Sharp says her local mechanic cannot squeeze her into his already busy schedule to fix her broken car. She says she will have to wait a week before the mechanic can get her an estimate. In the meantime she does not have a ride and she is missing work because of it.

“I do three farmers markets a week and I rely on my van to get me to those markets,” said Sharp. “I’m hoping that [Beacon & Bridge] will make this right for people who are missing out on work time and lost income.”

9 and 10 reached out to the corporate office of Beacon & Bridge numerous times today. While the company says there was an issue, they did not specify exactly what that problem was. They do say, however, that their pumps are fixed and working properly now.