Marion Schools Looks to Future as Superintendent Steps Down

There’s talk of what’s next for Marion Public Schools after their superintendent suddenly stepped down.

Superintendent Mort Meier submitted a letter of retirement at Thursday night’s board meeting, read aloud by the board president.

Meier was not at the meeting.

Both Meier and secretary Diana Salisbury are accused of double dipping, or collecting a salary and a pension at the same time…

Now, The Office of Retirement Services says the two must pay back a combined $145,000 in pension money.

Both are currently appealing the findings.

Chad Williams, a Uniserv director with the Michigan Education Association says he hopes Meier stepping down is a step in the right direction for Marion Public Schools.

“We believe that this is a good outcome for staff and students, this is a great opportunity for Marion Public Schools to seek new leadership, which I think would be of great benefit to the students and the staff,” said Williams.

Meier leaves with a year remaining on his contract. Salisbury remains employed by the district but both have issues with the office of retirement services that still must be settled.

“Our position continues to be that it is inappropriate for an individual to work and draw that full salary in the fashion that she is for the same reason that it was inappropriate for superintendent, now former superintendent Meier, to do so as well is that it’s under funding the public retirement system for all employees in the state,” said Williams.

We left a message with Marion Public Schools asking to speak with Meier or Salisbury but that call was not returned. However their attorney tells say they remain optimistic about the appeal.

“It is our position that there is nothing new or novel about Diana’s case or Mr. Meier’s case that would allow the AG or ORS to depart from the controlling law,” said Aaron Davis.