Hot Car Safety Tips For Children

Nearly 40 children die every year after being left inside a hot car, and their deaths could have easily been prevented.

Experts recommend taking your handbag, backpack or diaper bag and putting it on the floor right by the child’s car seat so you are forced to open the door every time you get to where you need to go.

Parents are also encouraged to use technology.

With the Evenflo car seat, the seat chimes when you turn off your car to remind you your child is buckled in.

GMC and Nissan both have vehicles with an alert system to remind drivers to check the rear seats.

And lawmakers are considering legislation that requires the technology in all new cars.

Nearly one-third of these hot car deaths happen when unattended children were playing inside a car and accidentally locked themselves in.

Safety experts recommend locking your car doors at all times and keeping the keys out of a child’s reach.

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