Girls STEM Camp Allows Students A Preview Of Their Dream Jobs

“There are careers out there that they may not even know exist,” said Kristin Parkes, said director of education at baker college,

Those careers are in science technology engineering and math otherwise known as STEM.

Careers exposed to 20 girls this week at girls stem camp.

“Here at Baker College we are trying to promote challenging and rewarding careers so as far as STEM Camp goes we are exactly on pace to do that,” said Parkes.

The camp includes three sessions where they get to dive right in.

First, they got their hands dirty with an ecology lesson.

“The girls are learning how to classify and identify different insects and bugs, those bugs come from behind the campus so the instructor has put out boards, actually, they’ve been out since last year, so they’ve collected a whole bunch of creepy crawler critters,” said Parkes.

Then, these girls strum their way through music mixed with math.

“Music can involve fractions, tons of math in it, I thought music was just harmony and rhythm of stuff,” said Ameriah Durst.

“She was able to show the girls how math and music are partnered together how they align so they’re building pan pipes and they’re also building a dulcimer, so not only are they building but they’re also learning how ratios structure something how the harmonic series all works with math and gives them an appreciation for music in that light,” said Parkes

Finally, the nursing simulation lab.

“Not only is the nursing part health science and a little bit of science and math, but we also put in the technology component where the girls are in the control room trying to figure out how to build a simulation, they’re also doing an allergy simulation with a peanut allergy,” said Parkes.

The girls thought of the scenario and had the chance to carry it out.

It’s more than a camp simply keeping girls busy over the summer.

“I want to be a doctor when I grow up, my mom is a doctor teacher, she really inspires me to do stuff like that so that’s why I come here,” said Durst.

It’s a head start to a bright future for these girls, learning from local professionals whose shoes they hope to fill one day.

“They teach me stuff I don’t know already and I think that will get me like a step ahead of the stuff I need to learn to become a doctor, they teach me a lot of fun stuff, it’s not just learning it’s fun and inspirational,” said Durst.


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