What’s Trending Wednesday: Summer Time Meals

We are just one day away from the official start of summer, so for What’s Trending Wednesday, we’re kick-starting the season off with three delicious summer time meals.

Nothing says summer better than grilled Hawaiian chicken kebobs.

It’s perfect to serve on a warm summer day, and one bite will leave you craving more.

The sweetness of the pineapple, paired with bell peppers, red onion and chicken turns out perfect.

Threading everything on the skewer may take some time but it’s well worth it to feel like you’re eating on an island.

Also fresh from the grill, try grilled sweet potatoes.

It’s quick and easy just peel and slice the sweet potato,  lather it with olive oil, place on the grill, then add an acid like lime or lemon juice to balance the sweetness of the potato.

You can’t go wrong with this summer corn salad.

It’s simple, adaptable and addicting.

All it is is sweet corn, red onions, cherry tomatoes, olive oil, red wine vinegar and basil.

You can feel free to use corn on the cob, canned corn or even frozen corn, and switch up some spices, but whatever you do don’t pass up this summer corn salad.

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