Producer Chat: Incredibles 2

Incredibles fans have waited 14 years for the second installment of the Pixar series to come out.

Meteorologist Melanie Steinberg and ‘the four’ Executive Producer Jamie Thompson went it saw it this Jamie’s kiddos—and it was amazing.

But the movie does come with an unprecedented warning. 

It involves a scene with a villain named “Screen-Slaver” that features a series of bright flashing lights.

The warning comes after some people posted concerns on social media that moviegoers with a type of epilepsy could be at risk.

The Epilepsy Foundation says for about three percent of patients, in some situations flashing lights can trigger a seizure.

It’s called photosensitive epilepsy and is more common in kids and teens.

So just something to keep in mind before you go to the theater.

“Incredibles 2” just earned $180 million at the box office…and that’s the biggest opening ever for an animated film.

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