Non-Profit Starts Program, Giving Veterans Proper Footwear

A non-profit dedicated to providing shoes to people in need is starting a new program, specifically for veterans.

It’s called “Soles for Vets.”

Footprints of Michigan says it’s a growing need throughout the state.

Soles for Vets started in Lansing and now it’s spreading across Northern Michigan, hoping to put new shoes and socks on the feet of local veterans.

“A pair of shoes I picked up here and I’ll probably drop them off out in the woods here to one of the guys now,” says Ron Scott, Korean and Vietnam War Veteran. “That’s where I’m headed.”

Korean and Vietnam War Veteran, Ron Scott, sifts through the shoes looking for ones that are the perfect fit for his fellow veterans.

“A lot of them don’t have vehicles and do a lot of walking and those cushion shoes and a new pair helps them walk to get where they’re going,” says Scott.

After seeing the need for footwear, Geronimo Lerma founded Soles for Vets.

His goal is to make sure every veteran leaves with new socks and new shoes.

“They can’t believe it its free and for them,” says Lerma. “It’s something that’s more than just a boot. It’s an athletic shoe so for them it’s different because it’s not just a typical service boot they usually get.”

Giving them the thank you they’ve earned with a gesture that touches their souls.

“I know vets that live out in camps in the woods so something like this is very important for extra clothing and knowing that they can get help,” says Scott.

“It means a lot because they served our country so it’s time we start taking care of them and serving them better,” says Lerma.

For information on how you can donate or receive shoes head to the Footprints of Michigan website or Soles for Vets.


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