Rent-A-Gardener Teaching CAPS Clubhouse Kids How To Grow Fresh Produce

“We planted a small, mini garden,” said Alex Townsend, in 3rd grade.

“A garden is like some type of thing you put vegetables or flowers or stuff like that or fruit in,” said Peyton Parish, in 4th grade.

“Here at CAPS Clubhouse and so we started at the fence line for the vegetables that need to grow upward,” said Allison Jackson, with Rent-A-Gardener.

“You put dirt down level it out, you can only have certain amount of dirt, depends how big your garden is,” said Kaylee Comes-Burgard, in 7th grade.

“You want to get the soil down and get it flat to where you can put the seeds under and dig those up when they’re done,” said Parish.

“We’ve also included some corn, some great corn on the cob various types of peppers, we’ve got carrots and beats,” said Jackson.

“We got to do step by step every time,” said Parish.

“Everyone took real pride in their plant installation,” said Jackson.

“Take care of it every day,” said Comes-Burgard.

“You need to water them every day,” said Parish.

“You have to water it if it’s not raining, but if it’s humid you have to water it morning and night,” said Comes-Burgard.

“It’s great to see the kids’ enthusiasm of the kids and to have the opportunity to share in that, to think in the future we’ll have future gardeners,” said Jackson.

“This is my first year,” said Parish.“I get to have some experience with it and learn how to so when I get older, I can grow more gardens.”

“We used some early varieties, so those will be available to eat before these kids are out of the summer program here,” said Jackson.

“After they’re done growing, you can eat them,” said Parish.

“So you can get big and strong,” said Townsend.

“To have the opportunity to seethe fruits of their labor by spending just a little bit of time digging in the dirt is a beautiful thing,” said Jackson.

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