Flooding Devastates Keweenaw Peninsula

Roads transformed into rivers in the U.P.

This is the damage from this weekend’s flash flooding in Houghton and Menominee counties.

It was after four to seven inches of rain fell in a short span of time.

From Houghton to Chassel and towns in between, the devastation is unimaginable.

Roads washed away with several homes and businesses suffering severe water damage.

Emergency crews are currently on scene helping people impacted by the flooding and assessing damage.

The Governor’s disaster declaration makes state resources available for recovery.

Snyder’s office says safety is a concern because of debris, contaminated flood water, and longer response times.

The same system is being blamed for at least one death in Wisconsin and even more destruction in Minnesota.

Congressman Jack Bergman was out touring some of the damage earlier Monday.

Those that live and work there were stunned at what they woke up to.

“This is a total devastation, how in one night things can get this wrecked. With the rain that started at one in the morning and in two hours…. seven inches doesn’t sound like a lot of rain, but the devastation it’s done is awful,” said Ben Campioni, Co-Owner of Wilderness Car Wash.

And we will be in Houghton County, live starting Tuesday.

Aaron Parseghian and Matthew Meyers will have reports from the Keweenaw Peninsula.