Biking Gear, Traffic Tips for Bicyclists

Legs pumping, pedals turning and wheels rolling—biking seems pretty simple.

But biking safely takes more thought than just hopping on and going. Ben Hicok, with the Cadillac Cycling Club, has some tips for having a great ride with no regrets.

Find the right bike

  • Road bike
  • Mountain bike
  • Hybrid bike
  • Rent a bike to test it out.

Make sure your helmet fits

Tire pressure

  • Bring a stand pump.
  • Ride with a friend who has a pump.
  • Ride with a cycling group, someone will generally have one there.


  • 3-foot passing requirement.
  • Cyclists should keep to the right and ride with traffic in the same direction.
  • Cyclists must signal turns and obey traffic laws.

Anyone interested in the Cadillac Cycling Club, group rides are on Tuesday/Thursdays.

Tuesday turtles meet at 5:30 pm and ride at 5:45.

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