New Military Museum Dedicated to Honoring Mason Co. Veterans

The new Military Museum is set to open Thursday in Ludington dedicated to honoring local veterans.

The museum will showcase artifacts from Mason County armed service members.

The new museum is located inside the Historic White Pine Village.

The goal is to remember the sacrifice of local heroes and give people a chance to learn their stories.

“It’s our way of honoring the county hero’s,” says Rick Plummer, Vietnam veteran.

Vietnam veterans, James Fay and Rick Plummer want all veterans to get the thank you they deserve at this museum.

“It’s going be an exciting trip back in time as they are able to then honor and celebrate the heroism the courage and the sacrifice of people who put on the uniform and raise their right hand and swear in to uphold the constitution,” says Plummer.

It’s creating a special connection by honoring Mason County veterans.

“What I wanted to do was make this very personal to the county and exhibit our veterans here,” says James Fay, Vietnam veteran.

Making sure every soldier gets the thank you they’ve earned.

“We start with Civil War then go to Spanish-American War, first World War, second World War right on through to Vietnam,” says Fay.

Giving the community a chance to learn about the local men and women who made huge sacrifices to protect our freedoms.

“They’re going to learn about the military heritage and they’re going to learn about all of the artifacts,” says Plummer.

Artifacts that can be donated by any veteran in the community, like Rick.

“I was a radioman in the Navy in Vietnam from 1968-1970,” says Plummer. “You’ll see my uniform and you’ll see a picture of me aboard a ship and you’ll see my kit bag.”

“It’s important to me to create an opportunity for people to come and honor that sacrifice that people have made over time,” says Plummer.

The Mason County Military Museum’s ribbon cutting ceremony is Thursday at 1 p.m.

If interested in donating contact James Fay at 231-510-9422.


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