TART Looks Forward To Potential Money For Northern Michigan Trails

In the state budget there is $2.4 million to help trails in northern Michigan.

The budget still needs Governor Snyder’s signature, but bikers, walkers and joggers are excited to hear this news.

“It was good news for northern Michigan trails and investment in our local communities,” says Julie Clark, TART Trails executive director.

TART Trails are all over Grand Traverse and into Leelanau and Charlevoix counties.

Executive Director Julie Clark says the money will go towards trail expansion.

“There is a potential. Once it’s signed there will be funding for trail development. We’d be utilizing that with our partners along some priority corridors heading up toward Charlevoix. So it’s an opportunity, really made available by support from our legislators. The gap between Charlevoix and Traverse City would complete a 325 mile trail of non-motorized trail,” says Clark.

And for bikers, walkers and joggers, this is good news.

“All day every day, and it’s more and more. I think people are realizing there are places you can go outside of the car and I think that makes us happier and healthier,” says Ty Schmidt, Executive Director for Norte.

For many, the more trails in this area, the better.

“It is pretty. We like to go all the way up M-37, all the way to the edge of the park up there. Oh it’s beautiful,” says Cathy Marshall, uses TART trails.

Clark added, “the Governor says Michigan is the trail state, and were excited to be supporting that vision and that legacy.”

Again the budget still awaits Governor Snyder’s signature.