Developing: Troopers Searching for Person of Interest in Buckley

Michigan State Police are are looking for a person of interest in Buckley.

Troopers are looking for a woman who they say is a person of interest in a staged armed robbery that happened in Petoskey last week.

According to Michigan State Police, the woman’s purse was found inside a car that was found in Buckley. The car was found with its door open.

Michigan State Police have K-9 units looking for the woman, but say there is no danger to the public.

Reports of an armed robbery and a gunman on the run had police swarming downtown Petoskey last Thursday. Petoskey police say they received a call about a gunman at the West Brook Recovery Center downtown who demanded hundreds of dollars in cash from a woman inside and took off.

Investigators say they had concerns about the alleged victim’s story almost immediately, and found she was cooperating with the gunman in an attempt to steal more than a thousand dollars.

She is now a suspect in the investigation. Petoskey police are seeking arrest warrants for the two suspects.

Stay with Northern Michigan’s News Leader as we work to bring you more details on the search.

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