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Cadillac Mayor’s Fit City Challenge 2018

Cadillac Mayor Carla Filkins is issuing her fourth fitness challenge to the whole community.

Designed to encourage Cadillac residents to get up and moving, Filkins is partnering with many individuals and health organizations in the Cadillac area to start the next Mayor’s Fit City Challenge on June 18.

With the challenge comes a host of family events until the challenge ends on September 18—and a little friendly competition to make it interesting.

Calendars used to keep track of what people do can be found at the District Health Department #10, Baker College, and the .

Filkins says the challenge is not “just about losing weight or running.”

It’s about getting out into the community and being active in whichever ways people think work best for them.

“What we’d like to do is be a melting pot for all the activity that’s going on in the community,” Filkins says. “We just want to add our activities to things already going on and encourage people to participate in whatever they want to do.”

Events for families, include “Loop it Cadilllac” trail challenges, a scavenger hunt around Cadillac, group biking, walks and more.

But things you do on your own can count towards the challenge as well.

The kickoff for the Mayor’s Fit City Challenge is on Tuesday, June 18 at the Carl T. Johnson Center.

The calendar for events and descriptions of how to get points is below.

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