Ask the Experts: Workout Consistency, Healthy Eating, Soil Testing

Building healthy minds and bodies is something we all know we should do—but knowing how to do it can be difficult for beginners.

Whether you are walking, running, experiencing issues sticking to a healthy diet or wondering why your plants aren’t growing well, experts on those topics are available to answer your questions.

Workouts—what does consistent look like?

Plenty of people are running, walking or biking to their goal, whether it be a competitive event or something personal.

But no matter what you’re doing, keeping the momentum going may be the most important component if you’re looking for improvement. The Traverse City Track Club’s Lisa Taylor says consistency is important.

“Consistency is probably the most important of all factors because your body—it really responds to stress by becoming stronger. And stress sounds like a negative word, but going out and using your body, like running for periods of time, is actually a form of physical stress. And the reaction to that is to become stronger. So consistency would be defined as like every other day, because when you do something hard on one day you need that day afterword for recovery. But then you want to come back again the 3rd day, so it really is a process of—I’ve said it already—big big point is to stress and then adapt. And stress, then adapt. And the end product is a stronger, more efficient body.”

The difficulty of sticking to healthy

Making healthy eating decisions can be hard with temptation at every corner.

But it’s not just decadent dishes and bags of chips that derail our determination to eat healthy, says Dr. Patrick Friedli, from Munson’s Healthy Weight Center.

“Our behavior is influenced by a few factors, what’s in our home environment as well as our work environment. And our go-tos when we’re stressed—one of the most common causes for weight gain, stress, anxiety, depression—common causes for rebound weight gain even after weight loss surgery or after any attempt at changing a diet. We gravitate back to those old habits when we’re stressed, anxious or even bored. Boredom eating cam be a problem. Cloudy or rainy outside, we’re inside. Let’s eat.”

Submitting a soil sample

Getting outside and working on your garden is a great way to get a little exercise.

But if your plants aren’t thriving, maybe you’re not fertilizing for your soil.

Expert gardener Allison Jackson, with Rent-A-Gardener, has an important tip that could change how your garden grows.

“You can purchase a kit from MSU Extension for $25. This kit comes complete with everything you’ll need to submit a soil sample for testing to the MSU Soils Laboratory. This test will tell you how much or how little you need to fertilize.”

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