Wexford County Central Dispatch Trying To Move Locations

Wexford County Central Dispatch is looking to make a move.

Currently the central dispatch is located at the old Wexford County Jail.

However, 911 Director Duane Alworden says the building is simply too big for his 10 person staff and its draining their budget.

Alworden is working with the 911 advisory committee, county commissioners, public safety board and more to see if a move is possible.

While nothing is set in stone, Alworden is looking forward to potentially making this change.

“I’m excited and the people of the community should be excited about it too. It sounds like the commissioners are working hard and trying to find different avenues for us so I’m excited about this, my staff is excited,” says Alworden.

Right now it’s unclear what a possible move would cost the county.