N. Korea Agrees to Complete Denuclearization, President Says

The summit between President Trump and Kim Jong-un has led to what the President is calling “a very important document” being signed by the leaders.

The details are still unclear this morning but the President says Kim has agreed to complete denuclearization.

He says it will be a long process but the world will see major change.

The summit began last night and the two world leaders shook hands at the Capella Hotel in Singapore in front of American flags and North Korean flags.

The two then went into a 40-minute one on one meeting in a closed off room.

This is the first time an American President has ever sat down with a North Korean Dictator.

President Trump says he believes the summit is a sign of progress and feels like he developed a special bond with Kim.

Kim Jong-un has also agreed to have a meeting at the White House as soon as next week to start the denuclearization process.

Kim said they already started destroying an engine missile testing site.