Two Women Accused of Brutally Killing Dog Facing Charges

A dog living at an apartment complex was brutally killed.

Police say the dog’s owners are the ones who did it.

Clare City Police say they got a call from a neighbor back in April.

When police arrived they found a Pitbull mix dead in an apartment.

Police say the owners, Bridgett Cecil and Heather Adame were not home at the time, but they were able to get in contact with them soon after.

Further investigation showed Cecil and Adame had gotten into a fight.

Chief Brian Gregory says that’s when the dog got involved and the pair brutally killed it.

Both Cecil and Adame are now facing charges of killing and torturing an animal along with animal cruelty and abandonment.

We are told that Adame has since bonded out and Cecil remains in jail.

Both are expected in court this month.

Monday, 9&10 had a crew at the scene of the killing speaking to neighbors near the apartment complex.

“I had heard that one of the dogs had been killed. There were a bunch of dogs over there. I’ve seen police over there a couple times,” says Bill Kirsch, who lives right next to the apartment where the dog was killed.

“I don’t know what would drive someone to do that, you see too much of it anymore. It’s everyday on the news, you see people abusing dogs. I mean, it’s just wrong,” says Kirsch.

Susan Smith owns a dog grooming business just down the road from the apartment. Having built a career around caring for animals, this news was upsetting to hear.

“I would treat my dog, or any dog that comes in, is treated like my dog. And my dogs are like my kids. That’s the way they should be treated, like your kid,” Smith said.

Now those living nearby are hoping justice is served.

“I hope the people are prosecuted and I do feel that, I do know a lot of people that get away with stuff, as they should not,” says Smith.

Both women are expected to be back in court on the charges next week.

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