Reed City Middle School Students Display Art Piece at Local Library

Middle schoolers in Osceola County are closing the book on a major project that will be featured at ArtPrize this year.

Forty-five students have been working hard on a stained glass library.

The students at Reed City Middle School started working on the project as a display for their local library, but this fall it will be featured at ArtPrize in Grand Rapids under the “youth collaboration award.”

“I would describe it as a project we all worked really hard on and we’re proud of it,” Gracie Melhorn, Reed City eighth grader.

Gracie Melhorn grins just looking at the piece of art she’s so proud of.

“I think its special because a lot of different people worked on it and it could’ve turned out bad but it didn’t, it turned out really well,” says Melhorn.

Forty-five students and three weeks of hard work later and the piece is complete.

“It looks like a bookshelf that has a lot of different colored books and it’s kind of backlit so there’s different lights shadowing at different parts of glass at different times,” Alex Borgoa, Reed City eighth grader.

Each student created portions of the stained glass library to piece it together.

“We each had a square that we had to put books on it and then we would put the books on there and it turned into the bookshelf we have now,” says Borgoa.

Before it heads to ArtPrize in Grand Rapids this fall, it’s on display for the community at the Reed City District Library.

Filling Reed City Middle School Art Teacher, Vicky Krantz, with pride.

“I think they did an amazing job and I think they are proud of their work and that means a lot more to me,” Art Teacher, Vicky Krantz.

“They created something, they’re a part of something and it’s going to be big because it’s going to be down in Grand Rapids and I know they are excited about that,” says Krantz.

Before the piece heads to Grand Rapids September 17 through October 7, be sure to visit it at the Reed City District Library.

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