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Bikes for Kids Giveaway Rewards Kind, Helpful Kids

From mowing the lawn for an elderly neighbor to standing up for someone being bullied, being kind and helpful is its own reward.

But a tangible reward like a free bike is nice, too.

If you know a child who goes out of their way to help others or does great things for their community, is asking people to nominate kids ages 8 to 16 years old for a series of free bike giveaways.

One child each week through August will win a bike and be recognized in the Morning Sun paper, on WCFX and 9&10 News for their excellence in character.

Nominations can start now and should describe in 150 words or less why the child deserves recognition for doing something to help others, small acts of kindness, or for having a positive impact on their community.

Fill out an online nomination form by , or visit Barberi Law Firm’s Mount Pleasant location for a paper form.

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