Scouts Launch Satellite 100,000 Feet into the Air


A satellite created by scouts from an explorer post finally got to launch this morning.

It was part of the Mission One STEM Career Expo.

The scouts were set to launch the satellite yesterday, but couldn’t because of cloud coverage.

The scouts had been working on the satellite for three months.

Sunday morning, they got the go-ahead to send it into the atmosphere.

It launched 100,000 feet into the air.

The satellite has balloons attached, and inside are radiation and ozone sensors, while solar panels cover the outside.

As it went up, the satellite took in all that data.

“I’m looking forward to just seeing if it works and looking at the data after it’s up there,” said Evan Pike, a scout.

“I think it’s just a great experience, trying new things, and we got to meet an astronaut,” said Savhanna Valliere, a scout. “It’s just really great to be able to do this.”

Sunday morning’s launch was also held back 15 minutes due to planes in the air.