Realtors Warn About Nationwide Real Estate Scam

If you are trying to sell your home or looking to buy or rent a home, watch out!

Right now there is a scam with cases reported nationwide, targeting people looking to sell or buy a home.

Realtors tells us the scammers will take information from a property listed for sale, and then post it somewhere else with their contact information, hoping to get a down payment from a buyer or renter.

Realtors have seen cases right here in northern Michigan.

“They will take the information and do what scammers do best, make it look real and present it,” says Greg Bosscher, Realtor, Five Star Real Estate.

A realtor from Real Estate One in Cadillac says it happened to a home, where a person used the information and posted it on Craigslist.

Some selling their home say this is concerning.

“Someone’s going to think they are getting a really great deal or someone is going to think they are getting a beautiful house for a rental and they end up putting all that money down and you can’t get that back,” says Caitlin Mayer, selling home.

While the home is being sold through a real estate company, realtors say using them can be safer.

“Professionally, their information is guarded securely. If there was ever anything that seemed out of the ordinary, you have built a relationship with a client, they call you and they say this doesn’t seem right. A buyer, they need to be just as aware,” says Bosscher.

Buyers and sellers are now being extra careful.

“It would make me feel completely violated. I am a lot more aware, a couple of times I have actually browsed Craigslist looking for my home,” says Mayer.

If you think you are a victim of this scam, call police.