National Writers Series: Author Richard Russo’s “Destiny Thief”

The National Writers Series has another can’t miss guest lined up for the Traverse City Opera House.

His name is Richard Russo.

He spoke with seniors at Cordia about his books this morning before the big event Friday Night.

His new book, “Destiny Thief,” is about what destiny really means—inspired by events in his own life.

Richard intended to become a professor and a colleague of his intended to become a writer.

But they ended up switching.

He describes it as walking through each other’s doors in life, and hopes people can sit back, laugh and be entertained by his guest appearance.

“I want them, I laugh I think of myself all these years later as a comic writer, I go to these really dark places in my fiction, go there always armed to the teeth with humor,” he says. “It’s not a mistake two of my novels contain the word fool in them.”

He ended Friday morning’s visit at Cordia with a personal book signing, which he’ll be doing again Friday night.

The reception tonight begins at 5 and the event follows at 7 at the City Opera House.

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