Wellness for the Family: Summer Safety

Everyone has heard or said this: “it’s only fun until someone gets hurt.”

The popular parental mantra is a buzzkill to whatever rough or risky play kids are doing. But safety doesn’t have to ruin fun for kids—or grownups.

Registered Dietician and safety expert Grace Derocha, with Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan, has some tips for still enjoying summer fun while reducing the risk of injury.

Riding the waves

Kids must be watched constantly when they are near water because tragedy can happen in an instant.

Paddle jumpers are great for young ones, Derocha says, and arm floaters help keep kids heads above water.

Pool noodles are another fun water tool for floating—and great for blowing water at each other to enhance the fun factor.

Sun protection

We hear it often, but the sun doesn’t like us.

Or rather, it’s rays are damaging to skin and should be protected against.

Bright colored shirts are great for keeping track of kids, and Derocha says there are clothing brands with the bonus of SPF 50.

Sun protectant clothing plus sunscreen and hats can help keep the sunburns off and the fun in the sun on for longer.

Bug spray

Cut down on mosquito bites with bug spray!

Fall protection, reflective gear

Helmets, knee and elbow pads are great for various activities, and reflective gear should be warn at night or early morning so motorists can see pedestrians and bikers.

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