Reed City Elderly Man Stabbed in the Neck

One man arrested and another one in critical condition after an Osceola County stabbing.

State police say a 20-year-old man went into a Reed City home and stabbed an 80-year-old man.

It happened on four mile road between Lakola road and 220th avenue.

Neighbors, Kenneth and Joni White,were sitting at home when they heard the sound of someone trying to get into their Jeep. That’s when they saw a man covered in blood right outside their house.

“He looked at me and said, “Sorry I think I have dementia.” I’m like “what?” He’s like, “I just killed the guy across the street” and I stepped forward and said, “What did you say?” and he said, “I killed the guy across the street, look at my hands.” They were covered in blood,” said Joni.

That’s when Kenneth White grabbed his pistol and detained the suspect until police arrived.

“Well when he said he killed the neighbor across the street I went and grabbed my pistol and set it on my safe beside the door and I figured if something happened I can protect ourselves,” said Kenneth.

Kenneth’s wife, Joni, ran to the victim’s house and heard a cry for help and called 911.

“I turned back and saw the knife sticking out of his neck,” said Joni.

That man is now in the hospital but his niece says he’s showing signs of improvement.

“I don’t know if I’m mad or sad or what I am because I’m so afraid for my family I’m so angry that someone is so good and has been so good to everybody around here and helped so many people is the one that’s a victim,” said Mom. “He’s quiet and stubborn which you can tell by the fact that he made it through this.”

To her the neighbors are heroes.

“You can’t hurt someone that badly and be in your right mind. You can’t,” said Mom.

This is an ongoing investigation and the 20-year-old is in custody awaiting charges.

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