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What’s Growing With Tom: Week 7

The garden is growing very nicely! We are keeping it watered and all is looking well.

It’s still too early to harvest anything, so Tom is out in the yard talking about trees and shrubs.

We decided Heritage House needed a fruit tree near the building, so we picked an apple tree. The hole is dug and the tree is ready to be planted.

Justin with says we need to add some Dairy Doo: Tree and Shrub mix. We throw some into the bottom of the hole to help bring it up to ground level.

We cut the roots of the tree to help it grow and add soil that we took out of the hole. This will help prevent the tree from being root bound. We want it to like the Tree and Shrub mix, as well as the sandy soil.

The whole job took less than an hour, but we still have a few things to do on it. That’s something we’ll talk about later in the summer.

Next week, we’ll talking about food plots.

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