Tour Northern Michigan By Land, Water With Kabrew

The equation is simple.

Kayaking, plus biking, plus breweries, equals Kabrew.

“It’s a marriage of the natural and cultural treasures of Traverse City, it’s taking the Boardman River, the Boardman Lake, and the Grand Traverse Bay and coupling it with best food and beverage,” said Tawny Hammond, the operations manager at The River Outfitters.

Aaron Wolinski has Kabrewed too many times to keep track of, but each time is better than the last.

“Basically just hanging out with friends and taking in the natural beauty and getting away from the day to day bustle of life,” he said.

You decide where you want to stop for a brew or a bite to eat.

“We give them a map and we talk to them about the stops,” said Hammond.

“Traverse City has a lot of options,” added Wolinski.

You also decide how you’ll get there.

“We customize every trip for the individual and for the group depending on the weather, depending on your skills and experiences, depending on how much time you have,” she said.

“We have options on where we can launch from, there’s great trails around the Boardman if you’d prefer to bike,” he said.

Some groups prefer to pedal, others prefer to paddle, but most tend to find a happy medium.

“Friends can do it family can do it, it’s something that can bring all folks together, he said. “Just a lot of fun, a lot of laughter,”

All while soaking in the surrounding scenery, whether it’s the beautiful greenery, the calm water, or watching the ducks swim by within an arm’s length.

“Northern Michigan is probably one of the most beautiful places in America to experience summertime,” he said proudly. “Kabrew is for you, just come out and have fun.”

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