Local Daycares Ask Traverse City Planning Commissioners to Change Zoning Regulation

Child care, short-term rentals and medical marijuana facilities: it’s all on the agenda for Traverse City’s planning commission Tuesday night.

Some local daycares think a zoning regulation is hindering the ability of more childcare facilities to open.

They’re asking for a change.

Local child care providers tell us they hope to see child care zoning regulations changed.

Teddy Bear Day Care & Preschool tells us right now there is a shortage of child care in Northern Michigan.

They say zoning is a big part of that.

Currently there are buffer zones between child care facilities

Teddy Bear says there’s not enough space for people to start businesses because of Traverse City being a high tourism city.

They hope some rules and regulations can be eased to encourage more daycare facilities.

“Well I think one zoning has to have a little flexibility just as we don’t I think they really need. To understand the rules and regulations set forth by the state of Michigan because there were a lot of things we had to over explain and maybe not have so many roadblocks for those that want to expand in this business. It’s a need for the future generations for your townships,”

Also on the agenda is a discussion about short term rental regulations as well as medical marijuana facilities.