Oceana County Rooster Fighters Arraigned

Police broke up a rooster fighting ring in Oceana County on Saturday, June 2.

On Monday, 15 men were charged.

State police arrested them Saturday after a man noticed suspicious activity this weekend on his property in Hart Township.

Police showed up to what they describe as a cock fight.

Fifteen men were arraigned Monday at the Oceana County courthouse with charges of attending an illegal animal fight while one man is being also charged with possession of a fighting chicken.

“When we arrived we saw there was a number of people, a number of cages and pens, many roosters, number of vehicles, and when arrived, approximately 30 or so people fled the scene,” said Michigan State Police Trooper Aaron Tubergen.

Men from all over the state were there for the cock fight including people from Newaygo and Comstock Park. Ten roosters were found dead and 35 were still alive.

Prosecutor Joseph Bizon, says the maximum penalty for each charge is four years in prison.

“However with Michigan scoring guidelines, I don’t think that’s realistic. We will be looking at county time for the majority of the individuals,” said Bizon.

When authorities arrived at the scene there were razor spurs for fighting and rooster injections to agitate the birds. Out of the 15 men arraigned, three of them have prior felony charges.

“It is my understanding at this time that four of the individuals have immigration holds,” said Bizon.

This is a continuing investigation and state police are still looking for other men involved in the case.