Great Lakes Floatilla Put On By Cherryland Middle School Student

“We’re here to get as many people around to learn about the aquatic invasive species in and around the Great Lakes,” said Zander Cabinaw.

8th grade Zander went above and beyond for his school project to help protect our Great Lakes.

Zander attends Cherryland Middle School and on Sunday he put on the Grand Traverse Floatilla.

“At our school we do these community projects every year,” said science teacher Kwin Morris.

Back in September, Zander decided he wanted to do his project on the Great Lakes.

“I was like come up with something that is passionate for you, what do you want to do,” said Kwin. “All of a sudden he was like I want to break the record for most SUPs in a spot and I was like that’s going to be a lot of work, it’s not like just call your friends and put it in the paper.”

And for months, Zander put in that hard work to create the Great Lakes Floatilla showing he is committed to keeping our Great Lakes…great.

“For my schools community project but more importantly to help educate and inform the people about aquatic invasive species,” said Zander. “I want them to know the effects they have on the environment and also how they can protect themselves from them.”

“He had no idea how much work he had to put in to something like this and to see him actually working his tail off every day and emailing and being professional and going through interviews and doing things that I couldn’t even think of,” said Kwin.

Face painting, free boat washes, silent raffles, informational booths and of course most importantly…getting people out on the water.

“It’s not about how many people really show up, it’s just that they leave learning something and I’m just really grateful to have the chance to spread the word,” said Zander.

With all the donations going towards Stand Up for Great Lakes.

“Hess teaching me some new invasive species that I hadn’t even heard of and to see him take that step and be like you know I’m going to take what I learned in science class and I’m going to bring the community together and do something positive for the lakes makes me feel amazing,” said Kwin.